Oh hey! I'm Nae.

I'm a Los Angeles Native, blogger + influencer. This blog is my baby. It was born when I was transitioning from heat damage, to natural hair. That was 2018, and to say that this has evolved since then, would be an understatement!

Now, I love to discuss mental health (mostly anxiety, as I have an anxiety disorder), natural hair, and just general lifestyle stuff.  You can follow me on the Gram @naturalnaela and subscribe to my blog at naturalnaela.com

This is Bae.

We met in 2014, made it official in 2017, and have been loving and annoying each other ever since. He's my biggest supporter and always offers great feedback.


He's also my part-time photographer, and full time Reel-shooter. He's a talented video editor in his own right and an avid video game player. You can follow him on the Gram @dexohemarex and on Twitch

unnamed (9).jpg

This is Shadow.

That cute black ball of fur, is Shadow. Shadow is our Bun-Son. We adopted him in December 2020. He's not really much of a writer.


He likes to spend his days eating hay, and the occasional blueberry, banna, or strawberry. He loves head rubs and kisses and is truly the sweetest bunny! He's spoiled, because he's an only child!