Hello from Los Angeles!

Ok, so COVID has definitely put a damper on a lot of our travel plans, but if you are planning on making a trip to LA, (eventually) I got you!


First up, if you're looking to get the most LA photo possible, you can find this palm tree-lined street in none other than Beverly Hills! But sis, you're getting this photo at your own risk. This is a residential street & these LA drivers will run you over. 😅

A must-see, while you're in LA, is The Grove. 

The Grove is basically an outdoor mall, but it is beau-ti-ful! It has a movie theatre, a Farmer's Market, a pretty big Apple store + great food. Also, if you're traveling with kiddies, they have a really fun full size train (so you can ride too). 

During Christmas Season, they have Santa and it also "snows" (bubbles) during specified times!