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90 Day Hair Growth Oath!

Updated: Feb 16

Hey Ya'll!

So I took the #tcotkgrowthoath. My girl is doing a growth challenge and I'm going to participate. This is actually the first time I'm participating in one. So I just wanted to make a post to keep track of what I'll be doing for these 90 days. I also want to note that I'm getting a trim next month so I'll also be doing another check-in after my trim. Shout out to @truechildoftheking for getting this challenge going!

So this is what I'll be trying to stick to for the next 90 days. I'm beginning my challenge on Sunday June 2nd.

  1. Starting off with a length check on damp hair today after I wash.

  2. I'm going to protective style more often. In-fact, I'll be twisting my hair on wash-day today, and NOT doing a twist out.

  3. I'll still be deep conditioning 2x a week (Sunday and Wednesday).

  4. Snack less at work (just to be healthier in general). This is actually pretty hard because I get free snacks at my job!

  5. Drink more water.

6. Use my Righteous Roots Oil 2x a day for 5 mins and massaging with either my hands or my electronic scalp massager. I have this massager by Tezam. I got it from Amazon and it's only $12.99!

If you're looking for other things you can try, head to @truechildoftheking on Instagram to see her tips for this challenge. That's it! Ill see y'all back here in 90 days!



Cover Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash