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How to Manage Physical Stress

I mentioned in a previous post that I physically carry my stress and whew does it get bad at times!

Some ways I physically carry stress:

  • Headaches

  • Back & shoulder aches

  • Trouble sleeping- waking up 3-4 times a night

  • Acne

  • Body aches

  • Dizziness-probably connected to my lack of sleep

  • Anxiety*

   *A note about my anxiety: I have un-diagnosed anxiety. Up until this point in my life, I haven’t had the resources/ finances to go see a therapist or psychologist. I’ll touch more on why I believe I have anxiety in another post!

Here are 5 things that have helped me during stressful times.

1. Headspace App- https://www.headspace.com/  

Headspace is a meditation app. It has a ton of different meditation options. If you are new to meditation, the app offers a 10 day beginners trial ( the full experience not just sample meditation sessions).

In addition to this beginners trial, you can pay for the app and get access to other packaged sessions! I haven’t explored all of them but I know they have a specific package dedicated to stress management, and even one to help you sleep at night! I try to use Headspace everyday, I'm definitely guilty of not using it on weekends but during the week, I wake up 15 mins early to make sure I use it before work and before hopping in this LA traffic! It really helps me.-Lately I hare been substituting it with guided morning yoga, same concept though!

2. Getting out of the house

I know this can be hard when you’re depressed or super stressed out-I get it! But when I was unemployed I was literally being driven crazy by the fact that I was sitting at home a majority of the time, filling out apps for hours on end! Even if you just take a walk around your neighborhood, get out of the house for a little while.

3. Take a bath-Treat yoself!

I enjoy nice hot bubble baths, with candles and a nice soul genre playlist on Spotify. I’m talking Jill Scott, Sade, and Erykah Badu!  This is free! Do it! Also, I can share that playlist with you if you need that!

4. Medication -I take 5HTP

I know, I know! Everyone is on their natural tip these days but as I’ve gotten older and my anxiety has gotten worse, I need medicine. My brain is misfiring so much and it needs to be balanced or I cannot function. I started taking 5HTP after a good family friend suggested it-thank you Tia!!! And it helped me a lot, almost instantly. Like I said, more on this later, but I highly suggest!

I also want to add, if you have serious stress, anxiety, depression PLEASE don't rule out medication. You can do all of the meditating in the world but sometimes your body needs that extra help. Seek help, from SUPPORTIVE friends, family, doctors and find a plan that works for you.

5. Fitbit

Ché got me a Fitbit for a Christmas gift in 2017. To help when I have anxiety attacks. I like to be able to see that my heart isn’t racing and is in fact stable-not too high or low.

You can check them out here! https://www.fitbit.com/home

More on many of these things later, but for now these are the 5 ways I help reduce my physical stress!

Do you carry your stress in certain parts of your body? Shoulders? Jaws? Back? Start taking note of this so that you can catch yourself, do some self care, and work on releasing that stress!

And please don't ever suffer in silence, I know it can be hard to talk to people about things that you are going through but I am always here. DM me on Instagram, if it's something you need to actually talk about and you need to hear another person's voice, get my number!

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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