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How to Choose a Hay Your Bunny Will Love

Hey ya'll! Wow so this is my first official piece of bunny content. This one is really for new bunny owners, one thing we didn't expect when you were getting ready to make Shadow a part of our family, is the amount of work we'd have to do to find a hay that actually work for not only him, but us.

When you first look into getting a rabbit, especially if you're getting a baby, a lot of things you find will say that you should give them Alfalfa Hay. Alfalfa helps them grow when they're babies so it's important to make sure it's in your bunny's diet. We bought plenty of it, knowing that it would be Shadow's primary hay for a few months...and then Ché was allergic to it. Like, realllyy allergic to it.

Whenever we gave Shadow new hay, we had to open up all the windows and doors in our apartment so that the hay wouldn't linger in the air, and soon even that wasn't enough. We also found out that people being allergic to Alfalfa Hay is pretty common. We switched Shadow to Alfalfa pellets so that he could still get those nutrients but we needed to find a replacement hay.

It's important when you're testing out hay, to actually monitor if your rabbit is eating it or if they are just moving it around and essentially playing in it. After our Alfalfa fail, we tried Orchard hay. At first, we thought Shadow was eating the Orchard hay, but it turns out that he really didn't like it, and was only eating it when he had to because he was just really hungry. We gave it up to a week with each hay we tested. To give him time to test it and see if he liked it, but the Orchard hay was truly a miss. He didn't like it at all.

Thinking that third time is the charm, we decided to go try another popular hay - Timothy hay, and again, ché was allergic to this one ( are you seeing a pattern here?) I was ready to tell him he was going to just have to live with it lol. At this point we were testing hays for a about a month and I was over it, and I'm sure Shadow was too.

Ché ended up doing a lot more research on types of hays and we found out about Oat Hay, which I feel like it was sent from Heaven. Shadow loved it IMMEDIATELY! He loves it so much that he sits in his litter box when we change it and inevitably ends up with hay all over his body lol!

I was so happy for us as bun parents, but also for Shadow because he was a growing bun and I didn't want him to have to eat something he didn't like, because I wouldn't want to do that.

If you happen to get lucky on your first hay, awesome! But definitely be prepared for some trial and error. It requires patience and persistence but you will figure it out and have a healthy, happy bun!

<3 Nae


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