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How to Create a Custom Email Signature for Gmail

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone is staying as safe and sane as they can right now with everything going on.

I know I haven't felt too creative recently and have been focusing more on my mental health, but...I feel like dipping my toes back into the creative pool, so here I am!

One thing I have been thinking about during quarantine, is really beginning to monetize my blog and Instagram. Honestly, I go in and out of wanting to make this a "thing." I always feel like beginning to make money from it will turn it into a job and I don't want to think of it as work, it's just what I enjoy doing.

That being said, in this moment I'm feeling it! I'm looking to change up my IG feed a bit, make it brighter and more consistent and thinking... why haven't I done more work on the presentation of my email?

When I reach out to companies, I want to be professional and I want my signature to be professional. So, I sat down to do that and I'm going to show you how!

This how-to is going to show you how to create a custom signature, using G-suite products ( Gmail and Google Docs ). So, if you're just getting started with influencing and don't yet have an email for your brand, I suggest getting a Gmail account, HERE then heading back to this post to follow the steps below! If you love this post, make sure you bookmark + share it with your own followers, and tag me @NaturalNae_LA on IG!

Steps 1-4

Head to Gmail and click on the gear icon. Once you click into the icon you will see a button that says "see all settings." Click on that and head to the signature section, below.

Once you click on create new, you will be prompted to name your new signature. This is actually a new feature. Previously, you could only have one signature per email. Now, you can choose which one to apply which is really cool. This can come in handy if you want to have one signature with your phone number and one without, or one with just your brand name, and one with your legal name, if the two are different like in my case. For this example, I just named my signature, "Natural Nae LA."

Steps 5-6

Now that you have created the blank signature. You're going to head to Google Docs to build the signature. You can find Google Docs, within your Google Drive. Once there, you will create a new Google Doc, as show in the photos below.

Now, comes the fun part! Let's build the signature!

Step 7-9

You're going to create a table, this is so that when you copy and paste the signature, it holds the formatting. To create a table in Google Docs, you go to insert table and select the first 2 squares, to create a 2 x 1 table.

The next step is where you get to add your own spin. I chose to put a photo on the left side, I do this by going to insert > photo while my mouse is clicked inside of the first box.

Pro Tip: You can see below, that I chose a photo from my Summer photo collection. This signature photo is something that you should change seasonally, along with the profile and banner photos for all of your social media.

Next, it's time to add the meat of your signature, your contact info. I input my name (legal name and blogging name), number, and location. You can add or remove any information you would like.

Step 10-12

These next few steps are totally optional and for aesthetics. I like to remove the boarders, You can see how, in the photo below. You click on one of the lines, and change the boarder width to 0pt, you can see the auto setting is 1pt. You repeat this action for all of the lines you want to remove.

I remove all of the boarders except the one separating my photo, from my contact info, and then I like to change it from a solid line, to a dotted line. I also changed the font to one I prefer. Next, you copy it and paste it into the blank signature you previously created in Gmail ( see steps 1-4). Below is what the final signature looks like in my gmail. I've removed my name and number, because....duh haha!

You can see that my Natural Nae LA signature is good to go and lined up! You're going to scroll down a bit until you see signature defaults, and set your preferences. Make sure you save it at the bottom of the page!

And that's it!

You now have a professional, custom signature, that you can update at anytime by heading back to the Google Doc. I love having a custom signature, because it matches my media kit, and my current photos! I hope you enjoy yours too!