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How to Have an Influencer-style Photoshoot (By Yourself)

Because not everyone can afford, or has access to a photographer....but I GOT you!

Hey ya'll! Did you catch my National Bubble Bath Day, shoot? If not, you can see it HERE.

First, let's get into a quick BTS of that shoot, then I'll share some tips for how to have a photoshoot, all by yourself sis!

So originally, my concept for this shoot was simple and what I thought would be easy. I would get some bubble bath, take a few pics, and post them.

When I tell y'all that NONE of it went as planned...I mean none of it.

The bubble bath, did not foam enough so I had to keep adding more, I damn near used the entire bottle and I might as well had been pouring lotion into the tub. By the time I had finally got a little bit of bubble to foam, the water was cold and I had to start all over again. If you're interested in how I finally got the shot, keep reading!

Because of that experience, I was inspired to write this blog post on tips for taking your own content photos!

1. Don't be Afraid to prop your phone up!

For me, this has been key, otherwise all of my photos would be basic "hand-above-my-head" selfies. You can do this by sitting your phone up against something, like a book or a table. Of course, having a ring light or a tripod is best because you can make sure your phone will stay put. In the event that you are out in public, and you're not about that life of bringing your ring light out, in public (because I'm not), take advantage of what you have around you.

I took this great solo spa day photo by sitting my phone up against a fire place ( also, I cannot wait to get back to the spa once COVID-19 is over ). You can see that you don't necessarily NEED someone to take your photos. I got pretty good engagement (for me) on this photo and all I did was utilize my space, and the self-timer on my iPhone.

2. Take multiple photos with slightly different poses

Ok so I'm going to be real, I stole this one from Kimora Lee Simmons back when she had a reality TV show. She was a model so she definitely know what she's talking about, right? Lol. Anyway, the key is not to make drastic changes in between shots, but to make subtle changes between shots. Things like slightly raising or lowering your chin, moving your eyes a little in the other direction, moving your finger from your lip to your chin, etc.

You get more out of your back to back photos and hopefully you end up with better photos overall!

3. Don't get into the habit of looking at every photo, immediately after you take it

You know what I mean! You snap a photo, look at the photo, snap a photo, look at the photo. I don't do this, simply because I feel it wastes a lot of time. I take a bunch of photos, trying to capture the poses I want, and when I feel like I have them, that's when I go through the photos. I usually have some winners in there and I've done it a lot faster than I would have, otherwise.

4. Wait until you're in a content-creating mood

I don't create content when I'm not feeling it. This includes writing blog posts! This is something I had to learn as I started to take blogging more seriously. Some times you can feel pressure to take ALL the photos, or write all the blog entries but trust me, when you post stuff that you didn't put effort into, it shows. I've seen posts get low engagement and I'm like "yeah I'm not surprised, I rushed that," or " I didn't really feel like taking that pic that day."

5. Take stills (screenshots) from your videos

If you also create videos, don't tire yourself out by trying to get a bunch of pics separately. You can get screenshots from your videos, easily. Now I use Premiere Pro to edit my videos and it comes built-in with a screenshot option. I'm sure other video apps include this as well. If you're editing your videos from your phone (like I use to do) you can also take a screenshot that way, although it may not be as clear.

There are two ways (that I know of) to get a pic from a video. You can pose for about 5-7 seconds while actually recording-this is the method I primarily use. Or you can just go with the flow and scrub (scan) your video, after the fact, until you come across a good photo. I like to stop mid video and pose for the pic, that way I know I'm getting the pic I want and that's one less pic I need to take! I used this method to get the above photo.

6. Don't be upset if it isn't perfect!

Listen! I took this photo here so many times and when I finally got the face and legs close enough, edited it, and put them side-by-side, I realized I did arms the wrong way. It is what it is, the photo was still really good and a great contribution to my Black History Month content!

7. Bonus! The bubble bath shoot

Ok so I told y'all that my original plan for that bubble bath photoshoot was a fail, but I didn't tell you how I finally pulled it off. If you're interested in having your own bubble bath themed shoot, keep reading!

So, how did I create the bubbles you see up there in the final photo? Dish soap. Yep. Regular ass Dawn! Now that may sound a little crazy, but things don't always work the way you expect them to. When I used the actual bubble bath, it didn't create suds the way I needed it to for this photo ( I had to hide my goodies because I was actually naked). After I got the shot, I took a shower to get the dish soap off of me.

I set up my ring light and put my camera on the self-timer and took a bunch of photos, heres another that didn't make it to my page.

If you're just getting started with this blogging/influencer thing, you can feel a lot of pressure to take great photos and maybe even have someone take them for you. You can still get really great shots, all on your own and don't be afraid to get creative to get that post-worthy photo!

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Cover photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash