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I Big Chopped & This is How My Hair Routine has Changed!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Ya'll, I was soooo anxious leading up to my chop. I was trying to keep it low key but I ended up telling a few people lol I couldn't wait.

Sheryl (@Idoitforthecurlz on Insta) at The Curl Suite did my big chop! I actually saw her for a hair consultation when I first started transitioning and I told her I wasn't sure if I wanted to big chop and she essentially told me to come back when the answer was "I'm ready to big chop!" I respected her for that because I truly wasn't ready. It was much better for me to go through the journey of transitioning, first. Not only so I didn't cut off more hair than I wanted to, but also so that I could prove to myself that I was serious about going natural. It's a commitment and the fact that I was able to transition for a year proved to me that I was ready to big chop when I did.

It's been about 2 1/2 months since my chop and here is how my routine has changed.

  1. I stopped using a comb-I already know what you're thinking. "Sis, comb your damn hair and stop playing!" Trust me! I used to say the same thing. When I big chopped, Sheryl told me to stop using a comb,she said I was doing my hair a disservice by combing it and that I don't need to, just use my fingers.

So I'm testing out this no comb thing, I'll keep y'all posted on how I feel that's going. But so far, I honestly don't see a noticeable difference.

2. I use wayyyy more H20 on my hair- I used to think I had dry hair but I think it's because I was substituting products in for the lack of water I was using. Sheryl reminded me of this but I've seen other naturals that I follow on Insta say the same thing (shout out to @Curl.culture and @natrulyme).

3. I deep condition 2x a week instead of one- Another shout out to JB! She mentioned this in one of her lives and I was like hmmmm, I think I'll try that! I think this has been the most helpful tip I've gotten, as far as moisture retention goes. My hair LOVES having that mid-week re-up on moisture.

4. I don't do twist-outs, braid-outs, or flexirods- It stretches the hair and that's not really something I'm looking to do right now. I’m loving the wash & go life!

5. I don't use the LCO or LOC methods-So this one is kind of funny. About 6-7 months into transitioning, I started using the LCO method (liquid,cream, oil) and I swore by it. I mean it only makes sense right? Oil is a sealant and you should seal in the moisture. Then I was sent a product from My Fluffy Puffs. She sent me the Twisting Frosting, and I used it alone like I always do when I'm testing out a product, because I want to see how it really works. And when I tell y'all it left my hair so damn moisturized and soft, FOR DAYS! I was like wtf is in here, I didn't use an oil or anything. I told the owner about this and she was like, you shouldn't need an oil if you use the right products and hey! I couldn't even knock her for that. Then, when I big chopped, Sheryl suggested I stop using oils, and there it is! I'm not using it, on my hair. Still using it for scalp massages, but not to seal.

6. I stopped washing my hair in the shower- But now I style in the shower!!! Since I'm using way more water to do my hair, the water and product just drips down while I'm styling. Even with a towel, after I did my first wash & Go, I had product all over so I had to shower again. Now I have a different process:

  • Wash and condition in the sink

  • Deep condition

  • Style in the shower

  • Shower

If you missed my post on my wash day routine, make sure you check it out!

Have you big chopped yet? If so, how has your routine changed, if at all?

Excited to see where all of this takes me over the next year and of course I'll be sharing the results with all of you! I just scheduled my next trim for July and I'm counting down the days!



Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Photo by Hubayb Bwire on Unsplash


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