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Mobile Editing Tools for Beginner Influencers / Bloggers

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Hey y'all!

Whew! I have had quite the journey when it comes to being an influencer. I think one of the biggest things I've learned over these past two years, is that editing tools are your friend. As a beginner in this blogging/ influencer game, it can take time to learn which apps you like best. So I'm putting some of my favs here, and hopefully it saves you some time! Note, I will be listing some paid versions of apps here, but all of the apps also have great free versions!

When I first started, back in 2018, I only edited from my phone, my 7 year old laptop couldn't handle any editing programs. Now, I edit using a combination of phone apps, and computer programs. Today I'm going to be sharing with you the most useful ( and my favorite ) mobile editing apps!

Cut Story - This app cuts up longer videos, so that they will fit on whatever platform you plan to post them to. I've only ever used it for IG stories but you can also use it for Facebook stories, TikTok, and even WhatsApp! Cut Story is preset to know that IG stories are 15 seconds and will take your 1 min (or longer) video, and cut it into 15 second increments that you can upload to IG stories, directly from the app.

Now, I do believe that IG has tried to combat the need for this app, by cutting the stories itself, but I've noticed that it often times, will leave off pieces of the video. Until that is fixed, I plan to continue to use cut story.

When you first start out, you may be freaking out about making your Instagram feed look aesthetically pleasing. For example, some people put boarders around all of their photos, or have their feed arranged so that they post a picture, post a quote, post a picture, post a quote.

While this can be tempting, and I have tried it myself, it can be stressful for someone who is just starting out. Consistency is key. It can be hard enough to figure out a posting schedule. Now add that on top of that, you have to remember that Monday is the day you post a quote instead of a picture. What if you mix the days up? What if you don't have a quote prepared? Reduce the stress! There are other ways to make your feed look beautiful.

VSCO ( paid version ) - A pretty feed can still be obtained without having such a strict rule about what type of content you're posting. Presets can play a huge part in this.

Sometimes I pay for apps, because let's be real, you can't always get everything with the free version. When I started taking this seriously, I started paying for stuff but I was able to get by with the free version, for a while. I have only scratched the surface of VSCO.

It has tons of presets (filters) which really helps when you want your feed to look more cohesive, but it does so much more! I plan to explore it in more depth but what I can speak on now is that the presets are GREAT for a quick edit. Plus, you can add presets to pictures AND videos.

Lightroom ( paid version) - As a note on this one, I don't specifically pay for the app, but I pay for Adobe Suite ( Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.) Lightroom just so happens to be included in that so, I get the paid version but you can also pay for it individually. This is hands-down my favorite editing app. It's currently the app I'm using the most. I've done some serious finessing of photos using this handy little app.

In addition to also having presets, because Light Room is an Adobe product, it's basically like a mini, less robust Photoshop so you get tools such as the healing tools and color mixing tools. I was able to take this beanbag from its original yellow, to light orange, and then this burnt orange color, by simply using the Lightroom app on my phone!

Canva (Paid version) - If you haven’t heard of any other app, you’ve more than likely heard about Canva. I use this app for SO MUCH! I used Canva to created the graphic for this blog post!

In addition to my graphics, I use Canva for the highlights on my Instagram Page, the Covers for my Pinterest Uploads, the covers for my IGTV videos, etc. It has so many capabilities!

I used the free version for years, I only decided to pay this year because I wanted unlimited access to some of the paid graphics. I think it’s worth paying for, once you're blogging actively and seriously.

Inshot - When I first started out, I had an old (like damn near archaic) laptop and it didn’t have nearly enough power for editing tools so I had no choice but to find an alternative video editor that I could use via my phone. -enter InShot-

Now don’t expect Premiere Pro, but do expect that you can produce quality video content until you’re ready to use a more advanced program. You can make fairly quick video edits on InShot and even add text. I used InShot for the entire first year that I edited videos and it definitely got me through.

Keep in mind that I didn't pay for anything at first, I've been in this game for almost 4 years, didn't start paying for stuff until year 2. It's not a rush. You can get by with the free versions as you get started and slowly start paying for stuff (if you choose to do so). All of the apps mentioned above have free versions, give them a try before buying anything.

Don't make editing content, more complicated than it needs to be. Start slow, try out different apps until you find the ones you love and don't get discouraged, we all have to start somewhere!