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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hey y’all!

This is a special post. I know I usually post on Saturday’s but today I’m bringing you a Mother’s Day post, with some cute throwbacks of me and my mommy!

Mother’s Day is a week away! Shout-out to all the mothers in my life who take care of business 🙌🏾. I’ll be getting my mom something from one of the places mentioned below, but since she reads this, I won’t say where!

I wanted to share four places you could get your mom a sweet Mother’s Day gift. Two of these companies are black-owned and I discovered them via the natural hair community and the other two are bigger companies (but still on the smaller side,) I’ve used them to send gifts in the past and had a great experience! ALL of these brands are owned by women, and we know I'm all about that! So let's get to it!

1. Jungle Portfolio- I met the lovely owner, Tiffany at Who’s the Bawse last year and she provided me with samples of a few of her products and I loved them! Recently, I entered a giveaway and won her Maunka Sugar Compote Body Scrub and her Citrus & Ginger Tea Soak.

I love her look and products, the packaging is so elegant and classy. She also has linen spray which is like better quality Febreze and I know my mom LOVES stuff like that!. Right now, she's having a site wide 25% off sale that ends tonight at 11:59 EST. You can head to Jungleportfolio.com to check it out!

2. Premiere Naturals- Now y’all KNOW I’ve been on the African Black Soap. I’m probably going to give it as a gift to a few people at some point! I’ve only tried the soap and the rose water but I’m sure everything else is just as great. Hook your mom up with some self care, she deserves it! You can check out the Etsy shop at PremierNaturalsbyK2

Now, the final two that I want to discuss are giftboxes. I love these companies because they are so convenient. We actually use them at my job to send gifts to clients. These are not black-owned, I know some of us like to support all the time, so I want to make that clear. But! They are owned by some women bossess and I can get behind that!

3. Greetabl- This is basically a build-your-own box and they have a number of things you can choose from. From candles, to face masks, to champagne gummy bears. Shipping is $5.50 anywhere in the US(standard) and the box itself typically comes to about $15-$35. If you’re on a budget, this is a cheap way to still send a great gift with some great packaging! You can check it out at Greetabl.com.

4. Box Fox- This is my final suggestion and it's essentially a Fancy af, Greetabl. It has more premium options, a bigger selection and is a bit more expensive. Anything from dark chocolate hazelnut-butter cups, to books. You can easily end up spending $50-plus here, but it is really nice for gifts. You can check it out at Shopboxfox.com.

Now that I'm older and can afford to get my mom a bit more than a card, I definitely like to put more thought into her gifts. One year I gave her a scrapbook which is also a great idea if you're a bit more hands on, but since we're a week out, I wouldn't suggest it because it took me about a month to put together.

My mom no-longer lives in the same state as me so I cannot do lunch or dinner. If you're in the same situation, I suggest checking out some of the brands mentioned above!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the hard-working mothers out there, we appreciate y'all!