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Three True Crime Podcasts you Need to Listen to!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Oh yes, the time has come! I'm writing a blog post about True Crime Podcasts. If you are subscribed to my Newsletter, which I just know you are, then you know that I've been wanting to expand my content (outside of hair) for a while now, and that's just what I'm doing.

*Trigger Warning* There's mention of murder and violence in this blog post.

For as long as I can remember. I've been obsessed with true crime. Like, when I was a kid, I used to spend my Friday nights watching America's Most Wanted...do y'all remember that show? So true crime as entertainment is nothing new to me. I'm going to be giving you my top three true crime podcasts plus a little bonus at the end, so keep reading!

Crime Junkie

When my girl Esther told me she was listening to this Podcast about true crime, I was like, I'm in! I did not expect the whirlwind that would be Crime Junkie. This Pod is going to bring you the best murder mysteries, and disappearances you've never heard. Now, this is going to sound like a negative but truly it's a testament to how good this Podcast is.

I had to stop listening to it because it was causing my anxiety to shoot through the roof. My therapist literally suggested I stop listening to. At the height of my addiction to this show, I was binging multiple episodes a day and looking over my shoulder because EVERYONE is a suspect. Although I had to give up this show, I am always down to discuss the episodes I did listen to, which is up until the Reyna Marroquin episode - can you tell I'm still obsessed!?

Please talk to me about the disappearance of Bryce Laspisa because wtf! 😅 Before my official departure from this show, I made it to a live show here in Los Angeles and that was also amazing! I'm still loving you from a distance, Crime Junkie.


As evident from its name, swindled is bringing you scams, cons, and swindles. This is how I still get my true crime "fix" without the murder and kidnapping.

Swindled is produced and hosted by A Concerned Citizen, literally, that's what he calls himself. He remains anonymous and I love that for him. Although I'm secretly waiting for the day I hear him in public and I'm like "I know who you are!'

This show can be a little dark at times, I mean, we're talking about fucked up corporations and governments so it's bound to get a little crazy. I've listened to most of the episodes multiple times because they just are that good. However, I'm NOT anonymous and I don't need McDonalds or P&G coming after me... so I'm just going to say that there are also episodes about regular everyday scammers. One of my favorite episodes is about Miss Cleo ( you know her) and Sylvia Browne. If you watched Montel back in the day, you know Sylvia Browne VERY well.

I love this show so much that I actually subscribe to it on Patreon just to be able to get swag and hear the bonus content (which is totally worth it) for $10/ month.

Scam Goddess

Yes, yes, another Pod about scams, cons, robbery, and fraud, Scam Goddess is hosted by Laci Mosley. I discovered her through this show, but she is also an actress and comedian most recently on A Black Lady Sketch Show and the reboot of iCarly.

This show is hilarious! If you love true crime, but want to keep it light, this is a great Podcast. She has other celebrities on the show and they discuss different types of scammers as well as scams that listeners of the Podcast may have run - and we love it. She did an episode of the fake teen doctor that I have literally listened to like 10 times.

There is also one about a real life woman from the movie "Orphan" that made me laugh way too hard!

Bonus - Season 1 of Serial

This Podcast shook me like an earthquake. There have been other Pods about this story, but the way that Serial laid it out, was amazing.

Season one of Serial discusses the case of Adnan Syed, who has been in prison for the murder of his girlfriend, since he was a teenager in 1999.

I still have an obsession with this case, mostly because I believe Adnan is innocent. I listened to this Pod back in 2017 and clearly still love it. It is 100% worth the listen and I'll talk about this case with anyone who wants to listen lol.

Bonus Bonus - S-Town

I truly don't even know where to begin with this one...this story takes so many twists and turns. I'm just going to say, give it a listen. It's about an unsolved murder in t town in Alabama, and if you think that a small town can't have a lot of shit going on, you're wrong.

While I have had to give up my murder pods and documentaries, I have found great content in scampods and still love the murder pods I have listened to. If you are like me and have been a lover of true crime for as long as you can remember, you will love this line-up of Podcasts and I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

<3 Nae


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