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Update: Road to Length Retention

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Hey ya'll!

If you follow me on Instagram, this post comes as no surprise to you. Ya girl is on a new journey, a new road, and it's all about length retention. For me, it was very important to make it clear that this is about retaining length, and not about growing my hair, because it already grows, everyone's hair grows, all the time, what many of us have issues with is holding on to that length. We may see a lot of breakage and feel like our hair is "stuck" and can't grow past a certain point - that's what I'm looking to combat.

This is actually something that my hair was able to do pretty easily when I was pressed. I had mid-back length hair when it was at its best. Of course, it could be there now because shrinkage is a whole lie! The reason that I set out to figure out my porosity, is because I felt that my hair just wasn't where I wanted it to be after 2 years of being fully natural - I know, that's not that long but still. After months of noticing so many fairy knots even after a fresh trim, I knew that I needed to make a change.

Now that I'm officially #TeamHighPorosity I've started to make changes that can benefit my hair, because I will be the first to admit that I started to fall into trends, because they made sense. I'm looking at you, "no creams, no oils."

In my defense, I thought it worked for me because no creams, no oils was something I tried when I was transitioning, and soon after big chopping and it seemed fine, but that was a different head of hair! But I'll be real, my stylist doesn't use creams, she does a two product wash and go on me (two gels) and it's fantastic and moisturized! But, I think for my everyday, in between trims, I need to do a better job at maintaining the moisture.

I won't be making any *really* drastic changes but here are a few changes I'll be making.

  1. Regular ApHogee treatments (once a month) because I need the protein. I just did my first one and I'm already seeing less breakage.

  2. Introducing creams + butters. I recently did a wash and go with a butter-cream and my hair wasn't dried out the next day like it would have been with a gel-only wash and go. My hair also doesn't feel greasy or weighed down, which was my concern whenever I heard the words cream or butter.

  3. More protective styling, because it means less manipulation

  4. This is a shoutout to my girl Tiffany (@texturelove16) - More water and greens in my diet, because healthy hair comes from the inside out!

That's it, I'm sure there will be other things, I might use scalp oils a little more, but can't say it will everyday or even enough to be considered a part of my routine. Some of you have been here since my transitioning days and have really seen this journey transform. I'm excited about this next step and can't wait to keep you posted on my experience, and results.




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