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Wash Day Routine

Update: This post is from 2019 and my routine has changed a bit since then. For the updated 2021 hair routine, check this out!

Hey y'all! @Ms_TiffRose and I wanted to bring you a wash- day-collab post because, not everyone's wash day is the same. Head to her blog Afro & Kinks to check out her routine!

Sometimes, I feel like there can be a lot of pressure to have your wash day be exactly the same as another person's, and that simply isn't necessary. Yes, there are some basic steps but it's definitely OK to make your routine, YOUR routine.

I started using full product lines, back in December as a part of a one brand, one month challenge from @CurlySoph_ (told y'all she's always giving me gems,) and I love it. Since then I have been trying to use full lines of products. Right now, I'm using the Uniqurl Aloe Collection and it doesn't have a conditioner, only a deep conditioner. The full line includes: A shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in, and oil. So usually I condition AND deep condition but obviously I skip that step while using this line. So with that, here is my wash day routine.

  1. I wash my hair, surprising, I know! I used to pre-poo but I don't anymore. Not for any particular reason, I just stopped doing it. Sometimes I wash my hair in the kitchen sink and sometimes I do it in the shower. I actually prefer to do it in the kitchen sink because then I can deep condition without having to get out of the shower, just to get back in later, when I style (we'll get to that soon.) I don't section my hair when washing, it doesn't really benefit me as much as I originally thought, but I have a friend with 4c hair and I know washing in sections benefits her, a lot. So I recommend it if your hair is thicker or tangles easily. Whichever way you do it, the key is that you need water lol.

  2. Dry my hair I use a cotton T-shirt to dry my hair. Now look, I know everyone says this is better, but honestly I haven't noticed a difference in using a shirt verses a towel, but I do it anyway 🤷🏿‍♀️. I don't dry my hair for too long anyway because next step, is deep conditioning! I'll note here, that if this line had a regular conditioner, I would do it prior to deep conditioning.

  3. Deep conditioning (DC) Guess what? This step requires more water! I have to dry my hair because I don't like water dripping down my neck, but honestly that step could probably be skipped because I'm just adding more water when I deep condition. I grab a few of my clips (you can click the picture if you want to buy some from Amazon,)

and section my hair into fours and then break those fours into half's. I take a generous amount of the deep conditioner and work it into my hair, and if you've been wondering when I'm going to detangle, this👏🏿 is👏🏿 it! I finger detangle.

My hair doesn't really get too tangled so I don't have to detangle before washing. As long as I add in enough water while deep conditioning, the product will go through like a knife through butter! I like to work the deep conditioner in from roots to end. I used to have a bad habit of forgetting my roots, since I can't see them as well, but they need love too!

Once I have a good amount of product and water in my hair, I twist that section and move on to the next.

After all of my hair is conditioned and is twisted (simple two strand chunky twist), I grab my Q-redew which is a handheld steamer if you are wondering. This isn't really set in stone but basically what I do is steam one side until the water runs out, refill the steamer, then steam the other side. I don't know how long that is but that's what I do. After this I obviously rinse out the deep conditioner, finger detagling one more time while I'm under the running water, and then move on to styling.

4. Shower styling You may have heard me say recently that I style in the shower. Believe it or not, I didn't think of this until I big chopped and Sheryl, who did my big chop, suggested it. She said to style on soaking wet hair and it's easier if done in the shower, so that's what I've been doing and I actually really like it. Again, I work in sections here. I make those four sections and then break them down into about fist size sections (I have small hands lol.)

Here is my styling process: I make sure the section is completely soaking wet, I add in a good amount of leave-in conditioner from roots to ends,I rake it in, and finally I add on my gel from roots to ends,and rake that in. I do this to every section of my hair. Sometimes I will shingle or finger coil the front, because I have looser curls there and they last longer when not raked, but sometimes I'm lazy haha.

5. Dry time! This part changes for me depending on how much time I have. Most of the time I air dry, but if I started late I use my diffuser. Note: I also use my diffuser on my mid-week Wednesday deep condition days, because I get home around 6 and just don't have time to air dry all night.

How do you do "wash day?" Feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on Instagram, I love to hear new techniques and ways to do my hair! ♥️ Nae

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