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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Tailwind to Optimize Your Pinterest Content

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Tis' the season for Holiday gift guides! But what's the point of adding a gift guide to your blog, if no one is going to see it? Now hopefully, if you’ve come this far, you're already using Pinterest to generate traffic to your blog. If you're not, you NEED to be.

My girl, Naturally Madisen did a great post on Pinterest for Beginners. Start there if you haven’t already set up a Pinterest account for your blog, or if you feel you need a little extra help!

Once your Pinterest account is up and running, Tailwind is where you need to head next. Now I know what you’re thinking “omg another app!?” Unfortunately, yes lol, but you’ll love this one!

At the very basic level, Tailwind is a scheduling app for content. Simple enough, but once you really start using it, you can unlock its true potential.

1. You can schedule pins, MONTHS in advance!

I like to schedule all of my pins for 2 weeks at a time. At the beginning of each month, I schedule pins through the 15th of the month, then around the 15th, I schedule through the end of the month. I do this because life gets busy.

I know myself and I know my schedule. Sometimes I don’t have time to sit on Pinterest everyday and re-pin content (which you need to do everyday to stay active on Pinterest). Tailwind has helped me significantly, with making sure I can post or repost on Pinterest, consistently.

You can schedule multiple pins a day using Tailwind. You can see below, that today (as I write this) I have 5 pins scheduled to post to my Pinterest account, and 29 total.

Protip: Sometimes, for whatever reason, a scheduled pin won’t post. You can always go back in and reschedule it, easily.

2. You can schedule your most popular pins, using SmartLoop

Tailwind has a SmartLoop feature! I have my most popular pins set to repost (loop) at least once a month so that they stay active and have consistent traffic going to them! I have my loops broken up into the different topics that I blog about. You’ll see here, I have one for my mental health content, Instagram content, lifestyle content, etc.

A bonus perk of the SmartLoop, is that it won’t repost your content *too* much. Meaning it won't repost your same blog post every single day, but it will do it enough to keep it active, and it’s all effortless on your part, once you get it set up!

3. You’ll get access to hundreds of other creators and can re-pin their content too

Sharing is ABSOLUTELY caring, when it comes to Pinterest. With Tailwind, you can join different groups of like minded people and re-pin their content too (and you 100% should). Just like with Instagram, people support those who support them! So show love and build genuine relationships!

There’s nothing I love more than joining a Tailwind group and seeing some of my favorite bloggers there, and getting to repost their content, and seeing them support and repost mine!

Below, you’ll see my top two most active groups on Tailwind. The red numbers are the number of recent re-shares I have in each group. And those are re-shares of my content, coming from my blog, and to be honest, I haven't even posted that many blog posts recently, so that's all old content.

The gray numbers are the number of new items I have posted to the group, and the green is the number of items I’ve re-shared from other people in the group. So as you can see, I re-share other’s content way more than I post my own, and I still get visibility in the groups.

I know that adding yet another app to the collection of many we already use as creators, can seem daunting. But if you’re really wanting to get into Pinterest, Tailwind will quickly become your best friend.

Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you!